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WE make every project stand out from the crowd 

A graphic design studio founded in 2000 based in Jakarta Indonesia,  owned and operated by Thovfa Endone,
self-taught graphic designer that specializes in promo campaigns,  publicity design prints and advertising posters for the music, book, entertainment event & film industry.
We create key art, visual identities, logo, press sheets, posters, covers, ad promo campaign  and all collateral design.
Award winning for the Best Cover CD Album  category from AMI Award 2005 (Anugerah Musik Indonesia) and  for the Best Movie Poster  category  in 3 consecutive years from IBOMA Awards
(Indonesia Box Office Movie Awards) in 2016, 2017 and 2018.


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Featured works

Movie Poster Box Office Indonesia

For 8 years, we have been bringing Indonesia films and audiences with our keyart designs. You can find all of our poster artworks that we have designed for the cinema industry.


Album Band Indonesia

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